Monogràfic de la revista Nature, «Co-production of research»

La revista Nature acaba de publicar un interessant número especial titulat «Co-production of research» on s'hi analitzen les oportunitats i el reptes al voltant de la recerca efectuada en col·laboració entre científics i altres agents socials. També s'hi presenten projectes concrets i s'hi explica com s'han concebut, finançat, desenvolupat i avaluat. 

Aquest número  especial, «Co-production of research»  (03 October 2018), inclou els següents articles:

Editorial. The best research is produced when researchers and communities work together  Knowledge generated in partnership with the public and policymakers is more likely to be useful to society and should be encouraged

How three research groups are tearing down the ivory tower  
The people who should benefit from research are increasingly shaping how it’s done
Cassandra Willyard, Megan Scudellari  &  Linda Nordling

Co-production from proposal to paper  
Three examples show how public participation in research can be extended at every step of the process to generate useful knowledge  
Gary Hickey, Tessa Richards  &  Jeff Sheehy

Craft metrics to value co-production
To assess whether research is relevant to society, ask the stakeholders  
Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson  &  Beth Perry

Farmers transformed how we investigate climate
To make my research more useful for people deciding how to plant crops and prevent flood damage, I asked for their help
Carolina Vera